Continuing Education Credits/Professional Development
for Community Health Workers

Cultural Humility

Be curious, lean in, and engage about the cultural differences that surround and shape us. Pull back ‘the veil’ to explore dominant cultures and marginalized populations, and confront our own enemies of progress: tokenism, performative allyship, and imposter syndrome. 

Date, Time, Location: Friday March 15th 10am-12pm via Zoom
Trainer: Ian Matthew Harrington

Supporting Gender Affirming Care

Community Health Workers will be able to define Gender Affirming Care and define different types of gender-affirming care through the lens of a community health worker. Explore current research on the positive effects of gender-affirming care. Assess access to gender-affirming care in CT and explore future programming opportunities.

Date, Time, Location: Friday April 19th 10am-12pm via Zoom
Trainer: Natalie Crino

Sessions: $50 per person

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